Liturgical Ministry

Liturgical ministers participate more fully during Mass while fulfilling their baptismal call to serve one another. Participation can be “behind the scenes” through preparation and planning or a more public role within the liturgies.

    • Altar Servers
      Contact Steve Jesser (619) 280-4930
    • Lectors
      Contact the parish office
    • Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
      Contact the parish office
    • Hospitality (Greeters / Ushers)
      Contact Cathie DiTomaso (619) 443-7784
    • Sacristans
      Contact the parish office at (619) 443-1412
    • Martha Ministry
      Contact Barbara Rogitz (619) 561-5292
    • Art and Environment
      Contact Mary Beth Hayes (619) 838-5465

      Music Ministry

      The ministry of music is for the glory of God. Music enhances liturgical celebrations and allows the congregation to “Sing to the Lord and declare God’s glory” (Ps. 96).  If you are interested in joining one of our choirs please contact the parish office at (619) 443-1412.

      Social Ministry

      Social ministries serve an important role in the parish and the community at large. Those involved in social ministry participate in outreach and can serve as advocates for social justice.

      • Homeless Ministry (“Faithful Friends”)
        Contact Michelle Gandy (619)449-9359
      • Mental Health Ministry
        Contact Barbara Silvia (619)729-6205
      • Eucharistic Home Visits
        Contact Mike Gandy (619)449-9359
      • St. Joseph the Worker Ministry
        Contact Audra Parnell (619)390-9194
      • Bereavement Ministry
        Contact Sharon Adams (619)561-7237, Carol Duesler (619)443-4072, Mimi Davey (619)443-3485