Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday


Dear OLPH Family and Friends,

The following story of “Lucy” describes the readings today.  It is not dogma but very practical statement of fact.   Lucy, an energetic 10-year-old, told her dad.  “It’s not hard to believe that God can be three persons.   Look at you, Dad.   You are a husband to mom, a daddy to me and a son to Pop-Pop.”   Smiling, she concluded, “So God can easily be

Father, Son and Holy Spirit and still be one God.  I think I get it now!”  Well, Lucy solved the long-standing mystery fairly quickly.   However, for many others, the Trinity remains a confusing mystery!

Moses is the first person to speak to us in today’s readings.  He led the people through their memories of Exodus and hearing God’s voice.  He invites us to remember how God has worked and continues to work in our lives.  When we do that we will be prepared to sing, “Blessed the people the Lord has chosen!”

Paul’s Letter to the Romans advances Moses’ message by pointing out how God’s own Spirit is active in us.  Love binds the three persons as one.  God’s love is the source of every spiritual gift, including the gift of the Spirit, which joins together the believing community.

Today’s Gospel is from the last lines of Matthew.  The disciples had followed the instructions given to the women by the angel at the tomb and Jesus Himself.  They were to meet Him in Galilee.  When they met the risen Christ, He explained what His resurrection meant by saying that all power in heaven and earth was His.  He was victorious and if they believed in Him and in His promise to remain with them, they would also believe that no evil can overcome Him – or them.  It is our firm belief that the same message is ours.  God has always walked with us.  He continues to do so.  Whether we relate to God as Father, brother or Spirit of Love, He will never abandon us.  Because of His infinite love, He continues to entrust us with Jesus’ own mission.   His priestly prayer for us remains the same “Father, may they be one as we are one.”( John 17:11)  May we, in everything we say and do, be a source of God’s unity!

Monday is Memorial Day.  It is good to remember those who have died, especially those who died in defense of our Country.  It is especially important to pray for our country.   This is a time to thank God for His many blessings but as the hymn “America the Beautiful” says “God mend thine every flaw.”

May God bless, preserve and keep you!

Fr. Ron