33rd Sunday of the Year- A                                                                                                                 


Dear friends in Christ,


In today second reading St. Paul gives a clear instruction that the Lord will come again, although the time or date of his coming remains God’s secret, it will certainly come but as “a thief in the night.” The day mentioned by Paul is talked about in Old Testament as the Day of the Lord, when God’s salvation finally appears. It is a day of blessing, happiness, and light for the just, but judgment and condemnation for the evil. 

The teaching of today’s Gospel parable about the three servants who receive great talents from their master, two of the three use their gift wisely, but the third does not is that while we wait for that day to come upon us we have work to do. 

  The lesson however is not simply about the Lord’s condemnation of the one who does nothing with the talent God has given him, but failure to be responsible to God’s great trust in him. God expects us to do something not just for our own salvation but also for the salvation of the world. What God expects of us is determined by the particular gifts and talents we have received in order to help bring others to God. He gives each of us life with different talents. We are to use them as opportunities to serve the Gospel and the Kingdom. Jesus has chosen and sent us to bring his truth and love to those around us. They are opportunities for us to invest ourselves in other’s needs.

For Christians, as we serve each other with generous hearts, we proclaim God’s favor to us and his goodness to others through us. With joy and gratitude let us know that we are the chosen and trusted servants of God and of others in the salvation history.


Fr. Joe