32nd Sunday – B      

32nd Sunday – B      

32nd Sunday – B

Dear friends in Christ,


In today’s readings we have the beautiful story of Jesus about the poor widow and her two coins and the beautiful story about the poor widow with her small cake offered to the prophet Elijah. In his story, Jesus offers three beautiful lessons: first, against the wrong attitude of those who do everything in order to be seen and praised; second, against the practice of exploiting the poor in the name of religion; third, about the poor widow’s generosity who offers God everything she has with trust and gratitude.

In general, people think that the more they are able to do, the better human beings they become. In the same way, many assume that the more they do for God or the Church, the better Christian they become. But this is not right in Jesus’ eyes. Jesus has come to save people from the false way of evaluating themselves. He has a different way of seeing what is good or not good. He does not judge according to appearances or by results. Rather, he looks for the intention in our hearts when we do things for God.

The Bible says that everything was created for us and to help us grow to a deeper

commitment to God. Our first concern as Christians should be to grow and pattern our lives on

Jesus’ love and service. Both widows in today’s readings show love and service in the form of practical compassion as mentioned by Jesus in the Last Judgment story: “I am hungry, thirsty, homeless… and you have come to help me.”

In one of the Prefaces of the Mass we pray: “It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks, Lord. For, although you have no need of our praise, yet our thanksgiving is itself your gift for our salvation.” What we have to offer God may look very small, but if we put all our heart in it, then God can and will do with it what is beyond our expectation. The lesson is: love is more precious than gold.


Fr. Joe