2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time


2nd Sunday of the Year – B                                                                                                                                


Dear friends in Christ,


                  Today’s Gospel scene is at the riverside where people are baptized by John Baptist. The focus of this Sunday’s readings is “looking” for Jesus in the midst of the crowds.

“Looking” stands out in the person of the Baptist who spent his entire life to prepare people for Jesus. John was looking, and when he saw Jesus in the crowd, he cried out: “Look! The Lamb of God!” Two of his disciples heard that it was Jesus, they immediately left him and the crowd and followed after Jesus.

“What are you looking for?” Jesus asked. They replied, “Teacher, where are you staying?” Jesus said, “Come and see.” The Gospel story ends saying, “They remained with him that day.” They indeed remained with Jesus for the rest of their lives.

This Gospel story teaches that discipleship is about faith, search and discovery that lead to relationship, intimacy, commitment, and a new identity. Nowadays, as a member of the society, you are given different names by different people. You might be called a consumer, a customer, a voter, a viewer, a fan… But there is a fundamental question for you to ask yourself: what is the identity that I claim and want to have?

Eusebius of Caesarea, a historian, described the martyrdom of a Christian in the 2nd century. “He endured in an extraordinary fashion all the outrages inflicted on him. While the torturers hoped to wring something from him which he ought not to say, he girded himself against them with such firmness that he would not even tell his name, or the nation or city to which he belonged, … but answered to all their questions, ‘I am a Christian.’”

With gratitude for the grace of Baptism, let’s be proud to be Christians and be recognized as Christians. We are called to be Jesus’ witnesses and disciples in the midst of the world.


Fr. Joe