29th Sunday of the Year – C  

29th Sunday of the Year – C

Dear friends in Christ,

The Readings of this weekend tell about the great importance of prayer in our lives: we are to be faithful in prayer because God is faithful in listening to us. Like Moses in the First Reading who held up his arms in prayer until the Israelites’ battle against Amalek was won, and like Jesus, hung on the Cross, outstretched his arms totally in love for his Father and for us until all was finished, we are to pray always and not lose heart until Christ comes again.

During his public life, prayer was Jesus’ way to communicate with his Father. He prayed all the times, especially in those important moments: the beginning of his ministry, his Baptism, his fast of 40 days, his choosing of the   Apostles, his Transfiguration, healing the sick, celebrating the First Eucharistic at the Last Super, and in the very       moments before he breathed his last on the Cross.

Throughout the Bible God commanded his people to pray without becoming weary or losing heart. In the Gospel story about the corrupt judge and the persistent widow, Jesus encouraged all those who believe in God to persevere in payer. Our prayer has power from Jesus who promised, “Ask, and it will be given to you.” Once during the Civil War, the wise President  Abraham Lincoln was meeting with a group of ministers who assured him, “God is on our side.” Lincoln replied, “What concerns me more is whether we are on God’s Side.” Prayer keeps us faithful to God and to stay on God’s side.

Today’ Gospel ends with this sad note of Jesus: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” You wonder why Jesus added these words right after he taught his disciples about prayer. Certainly, he warned us that losing our heart in prayer means failure of our faith. Whenever we fail to put our heart in   prayer, we stay far from God, we fail him.


Fr. Joe