Dear OLPH Family and Friends,

During the last couple of Sundays we heard how unique Luke is among the Gospel writers in portraying Jesus has going only once to Jerusalem and that is to assume His glory in taking up The Cross. Nothing is to get in His way.   During that trip He commissioned the 12 Apostles and later He commissioned another 70  disciples.  They were to proclaim the arrival of the Kingdom of God.   That Kingdom was to be made visible in their powers of healing and power over evil.

We noted Luke’s desire to compare Jesus in the New Testament to Moses in the Hebrew Scriptures.  Today He continues that comparison by encouraging God’s People to return to the law that is so natural that it is actually written into our hearts.  In later writings we refer to that law as the law of love, love of God above all else and love of neighbor as ourselves.

Luke is unique in his treatment of the Samaritans.   In today’s Gospel we see the

Samaritan as the only one who truly treats the beaten man with compassion.  The Priest and Levite may have had legitimate legal reasons they could use to pass by the bloodied man.   After all, it could be an act to rob them. The man could be dead and that would render them “impure” and unable to fulfill their temple duties.  They could have feared some sort of contagion.  No matter what, in Jesus’ story the hated Samaritan is the only one who showed the compassion and mercy of God. As Moses encouraged the people of his time to “return to the law,” Jesus said “Go and do likewise.”

Can we hear the voice of Jesus speaking those same words to us?   If “yes” how have we responded?   If “not,” why not? Remember! We are called to be a priestly and prophetic people.   We are called to proclaim the Kingdom of God in everything we do, in everything we say.  We need to remember that personal call each of us received in baptism and know that God in His Mercy will supply all of our needs.

This week we plan to have our annual Vacation Bible School.  Hopefully we have enough people signed up. As of this writing, we only have thirteen children signed up.            Children’s Liturgy continues during the 9am Mass every Sunday. School Vacation may be on but God’s invitation is always extended.  To reference Moses and Jesus, it is the law of the one who created us and loves us.

Peace and Blessings!

Fr. Ron